Before School*

We know how hard it can be to get the family organised – particularly in the morning!

At Smart Steps, we provide a ‘Wrap-around’ Care service during School term, including care before School* - helping to take the rush out of your mornings.

Children are welcomed from 8am to meet up early with friends, enjoy a healthy morning snack and participate in various games and activities - all designed to help prepare for the School day ahead.


Following a long day of working hard at School, our Team are ready to welcome children with the space and resources available to explore and discover, burn off excess energy through play or to simply relax.

Whatever kids need after a long day, we’re there to help them get their much needed ‘down time’.

The opportunity to complete written homework is available (where desired) & children are offered a choice of healthy, filling snacks to feed their hungry minds.

Kids are free to choose from a range of play based activities, creative projects, sports and games, use of musical instruments / technology etc.

Sometimes children just need time to ‘chill out’ with friends – and that’s OK too!

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* Subject to demand