Smart Steps offers an affordable, practical and reliable School-age childcare solution for families and School communities. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly, play based space for children to enjoy - and to meet the needs of every busy family.

We know kids..

Our team are equipped with the knowledge and skills to actively respond to your child's needs.

We have a strong focus on creative & physical play  - essential for children’s learning development and growth.

By offering freedom of choice in activities - & inclusion in the planning and development of programmes, children have the support and encouragement they need to delve into their own interests, to be healthy & active and to develop lasting friendships.

Our Afterschool programme can help children to develop:
  • Cognitive Thinking
  • Social Skills
  • Improved emotional well-being & self-esteem
  • Physical Literacy & improved health

Convenient, reliable and flexible – Smart Steps offers a practical Out-of-School Childcare solution  for busy parents

Parents of children attending Smart Steps can be sure their child is safe, respected, listened to, and of course - having fun! 🙂

We offer convenience and peace of mind by providing all of our services from within your child’s School - taking away the hassle and worry of transport between School and Childcare.

We open 50 weeks of the year, both before* and after school during term time with full time care provided over School breaks.

Additional benefits for enrolled children include:
  • Access to our ‘Drop-in’ service for added flexibility
  • Reduced rates on Activity Camps offered during School breaks
  • Free access to musical instruments / technology equipment provided within the service

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*Subject to Demand

           Smart Steps

Owner / Manager Rebecca Fleury and husband David Fleury

Donegal Winner! Best Start Up Business 2016 #IBYE